The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2020

The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2020



Which one is the Best Couple (or ship) on Turkish Tv Series 2020?

These are our candidates: Acelya-Demir (Mucize Doktor), Adem-Yasemin (Yeni Hayat), Akif-Zeynep (Ogretmen), Ali-Nazli (Mucize Doktor), Arif-Bahar (Kadin), Ayse-Kerem (Afili Ask), Azer-Karaca (Cukur), Aziz-Feride (Vuslat), Cenk-Cemre (Zalim Istanbul), Defne-Omer (Benim Adim Melek), Efsun-Yamac (Cukur), Ender-Kaya (Yasak Elma), Ferhat-Sirin (Ferhat ile Sirin), Firuze-Ayaz (Zemheri), Hakan-Zeynep (Hakan Muhafiz), ipek-Ates (Hekimoglu), Kuzey-Yildiz (Kuzey Yildizi ilk Ask), Miran-Reyyan (Hercai), Nare-Gediz (Sefirin Kizi), Nare-Sancar (Sefirin Kizi), Nedim-Cemre (Zalim Istanbul), Nehir-Yamac (Cukur), Ramo-Sibel (Ramo), Reyhan-Emir (Yemin), Serhat-Zumrut (Zumruduanka), Yildiz-Kerim (Yasak Elma), Zeynep-Mehdi (Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir), Zuluf-Kenan (Guvercin).

Choose your favourite one and vote! You can vote only once in 24 hours.

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The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2020


114 thoughts on “The Best Couples on Turkish Tv Series 2020

  1. Hi just cemre and nidem if you are a true lover please choose cemre and nidem because we saw a lot of love story but cemre and nidem lovestory is deferinte from every one

  2. EfsunYamaç is definitely the most unique Turkish couple I’ve ever seen ! unparalleled chemistry, mind-blowing skilled actors/partners and the most detailed, well-written and exceptional love story ever made this couple the Banger killer of this year !! that’s why that even tho they’re the newest in the list, being couple just for 5 episodes, they’ve got attract a lot ppl in their fandom ! They are just amazing ???

    EfYam forever ???

  3. Can Yaman y ÖzgeGürel! Entendimiento y compenetración maravillosa entre los dos. Escenas de amor reales, ya tocaba! Me enamoran los dos!!

  4. Bay Yanlis, ingiustamente ANNULLATA, dall’INVIDIA, MALE, dei “lavori speciali” di un VULGAR, ORDINARIO, NON ATTRICE, ma che ha molto potere sul produttore, che la IMPOSTA sulla serie, che tra l’altro TUTTE SONO STREGHE.

  5. Sancar y Mavi porque los quitaron si iban en los primeros lugares ? La Nare abandono la serie, y además NO tiene química con Sancar

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