The Best Turkish Tv Series of April 2024


Which one is the Best Turkish Tv Series of April 2024?

These are our candidates: Ateş Kuşları, Bahar, Bir Sevdadır, Emanet, Esaret, Gaddar, Gelin, Hudutsuz Sevda, İnci Taneleri, Kan Çiçekleri, Kirli Sepeti, Kızıl Goncalar, Kızılcık Şerbeti, Korkma Ben Yanındayım, Kül Masalı, Kuruluş: Osman, Mehmet: Fetihler Sultanı, Rüzgarlı Tepe, Şahane Hayatım, Sakla Beni, Taş Kağıt Makas, Teşkilat, Üç Kız Kardeş, Yaban Çiçekleri, Yabani, Yalı Çapkını, Yan Oda, Yargı.

Choose your favorite one and vote!

Important Notice: You can vote only once in 1 hour!!!

End Date of Poll: 01 May 2024

The Best Turkish Tv Series of April 2024


12 thoughts on “The Best Turkish Tv Series of April 2024

  1. These sites are run honestly until a certain lady appears on them and buys additional votes for herself, her partner and the show to be at the top. This lady buys everything. Well, you can’t buy honesty. I wish this person who contributes to this dishonesty every month and this very dishonest lady and this very poor actress that this dishonesty and harming others (i.e. karma) will come back to them twice as much.

  2. Do you think that these competition sites are run fairly since the series with the lowest viewership is in second place and its protégés also rank very high??? I believe that such unfairly run competitions and sites should be closed down for the good of the remaining honest actors on these sites.

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